Posted 4th June 2018

Georgia and Utah show you how to make your fave pony sparkle

Pony being bathed

Most ponies love a refreshing cool-down in the summer, especially after a hot and sweaty ride – most of the time you’ll end up just as wet, too! Giving your fave pony a bath is a great way to pamper him and spend some quality time together, at the same time as getting him sparkling clean – until he rolls the moment you turn him out, of course!

Follow these steps for the perfect bath…

1. Start by giving him a groom

It can be easy to forget and get carried away with soaking your fave pony, but giving him a thorough groom first will make your job much easier.

2. Begin with his mane

Dilute the shampoo in a bucket of warm water. Use your sponge to apply it and lather it up as if you were washing your own hair. Make sure you get right down to the roots to get all the dirt and grease out.

Top tip

If your pony’s not a fan of the hose, use a bucket of clean water and sponge instead.

Follow our seven easy steps to a sparkly clean pony in July PONY, on sale 6 June.

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