From rescue to rehoming

Posted 8th November 2022

Learn how the team at Redwings get a pony ready to be rehomed

Redwings rehoming

Redwings Horse Sanctuary is one of many equine charities that rescue hundreds of ponies each year, with the aim of rehabilitating and rehoming them so they can live happy, healthy and fun lives. But have you ever wondered what happens between being rescued and rehomed? We’re here to give you the lowdown.

Lady’s story

Redwings Lady Tremaine (our super-cute four-legged model) was one of 53 horses and ponies rescued in 2013 from a site in Wales. A large proportion of the ponies were really poorly and, like Lady, very underweight and suffering from rain scald, a nasty bacterial skin condition. Lady was also in foal, but despite her neglect, she gave birth at Redwings to a healthy filly, called Selina.


Did you know?

Redwings often names the ponies from larger rescues based on themes. Lady’s rescue was a ‘heroes and villains’ group – Lady Tremaine is the wicked stepmother from Cinderella!

Upon arrival

When a pony arrives at Redwings, they’re given time to settle in before starting their rehoming journey. The amount of time depends on their background. Some ponies are in poor condition and it can take a while to get them healthy, and others might have been through traumatic experiences so need plenty of time in the field to rest and relax before starting any training.

The Redwings care team spends time getting to know the ponies, too. They watch them in the field, looking out for the body language they display as well as how they respond to their environment.

Did you know?

It can take more than a year to get a pony ready to be rehomed, but that depends on his history. Ponies who haven’t had any negative experiences might be ready for a new home in just 4–6 months!

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