Fly high with your jumping confidence

Posted 12th November 2021

Do you need a jumping confidence boost?

Jumping exercise

Whether you’re jumping for the first time or often compete in showjumping classes, feeling super-confident will help you have tonnes of fun and get the most from time with your fave pony.


Working on your partnership on the flat will improve your bond and help you feel more confident, too. You don’t even need to leave the ground! Why not spend some time improving your pony’s straightness, adjustability, and balance, because they all help him jump better! Ask your instructor for help with exercises to try or have a go at a few simple exercises – such as circles – and some more tricky ones, like leg-yielding or serpentines.

Top Tip

Having regular jumping lessons will boost your confidence. Remember, you don’t have to spend a whole lesson jumping – ask your instructor if you can pop a couple of fences at the end of a flatwork session!

Find your pace

Using simple polework exercises will help you establish a clear rhythm and get to know your pony’s stride length. Set up poles between a pair of wings, then trot or canter over them several times on each rein until you feel confident.

Invitation only

 Avoid using spooky fillers to begin with. Use a set of simple poles and wings or blocks to make the jump look inviting. If your pony can be spooky, let him trot over the pole on the floor before you build it up to a jump.

Top Tip

Use a neckstrap to hold onto if you feel unbalanced, rather than pulling on the reins.

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