Polework with This Esme

Posted 16th November 2020

This Esme and Casper have a go at polework

This Esme pole layout exercise

Polework is so much fun, and Casper loves it as much as I do! From simple lines of trotting poles to epic layouts that are set out in creative shapes, there are loads of awesome ideas out there for you to try.

Introducing poles will not only make schooling sessions more exciting for you and your fave pony, they’ll help add a touch of sparkle to his paces, too. They’re brilliant for improving suppleness, straightness, rhythm and balance, which are all super-important for acing dressage tests and showjumping rounds. Polework really tests your accuracy as a rider, too!

Fancy having a go? Here are five top tips to help get you off to a great start…

  1. Get some inspo by checking out epic pole layouts in each issue of PONY mag, or search for ideas online.
  2. Ask your instructor if you can try polework in your next lesson, then they can give you some tips on setting out the layouts so they’re right for your pony’s striding.
  3. Have a friend on the ground who can reposition any poles should your pony knock them out of place. It’ll mean you don’t have to keep getting off all the time.
  4. Always walk through pole layouts first, so your pony can work out where he needs to place his feet.
  5. Don’t have many poles at home? Consider hiring an arena that has lots you can use.

Want to check out Esme’s fave pole layout, and find out how to ride it? Then grab a copy of January PONY, on sale 18 November 2020.

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