30-minute schooling plans

Posted 15th November 2018

These quick schooling plans are super-effective and take just 30mins

Longer, darker evenings mean it’s much harder to make sure that your pony gets enough exercise in winter. Luckily, PONY’s fab schooling plans will help you fit in  a quick sesh after school.

Get planning

The most important thing when you’re schooling your fave pony in 30mins is making the most of your time. Allow yourself five minutes for warming-up and another five at the end to allow your pony to cool down, and spend just 10 minutes on each exercise before moving on to the next one.

The warm-up and cool down

During the colder weather it’s even more important to make sure your pony is thoroughly warmed up. Walk, trot and canter on both reins before you begin working through the exercises.

For your cool down, allow your pony his head, loosen his girth a hole and walk him around until his breathing has returned to normal.

Session 1: Building impulsion

If your pony is a bit lazy, it can feel like you’re constantly nagging him with your legs. This often leads to him switching off and ignoring your aids. One of the best ways to help keep him focused and moving forwards energetically is to ride transitions! After you’ve warmed up your pony, try…

Exercise 1 – Transitions on a circle

Ride a 20m circle at A or C and at X ask your pony for a downward transition to walk. Aim to walk for six strides, then ride forwards to trot.

Exercise 2 – Transitions within a pace

You can ask him to take bigger, more energetic steps or to collect his stride so he takes shorter steps. Try going large around the arena and then at B see how much you can shorten his stride without breaking to walk. At F, return to walking trot. When you reach K try the exercise again this time asking for a longer stride.

30 minute schooling exercises diagram

For more fun schooling exercises for you to try with your fave pony and great riding advice, pick up a copy of January PONY, on sale 21 November

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