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Posted 14th December 2020

This Esme shares some tips for enjoying an awesome hack

This Esme hacking

Hacking’s one of my absolute fave horsey things to do, and Casper’s a big fan of heading out into the open countryside, too. I love that we get to chill out and spend some quality time together, but it’s also really useful for building up his fitness. If you want to do some exploring with your fave pony this winter, here are some tips to help you enjoy a brilliant ride!

Location, location, location

Casper and I like to hack in loads of different places, so our rides are never boring! I’m lucky that I’ve got fields to ride in at home, but the ground’s often hard in summer and muddy in winter, so we head away from the yard a lot, too. We might venture out onto the lanes near where I live or, if I’ve got more time, I’ll box Casper over to the forest, so we can enjoy a trot and a canter!

Did you know?

I learned to ride out hacking, on a super-cute Shetland pony!

Shine bright

Never head off for a ride without putting hi-vis on both yourself and your fave pony, whether you’re going on the roads or a bridleway. It’ll make you more visible to drivers and other people you might see on a hack, such as cyclists and dog walkers. You can still be matchy-matchy, though, because there are so many great hi-vis designs and colours available.

For more of Esme’s hacking tips, see the February 2021 issue of PONY mag, which is out now!


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