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Posted 3rd December 2019

Make schooling extra fun by having a go at gridwork

Gridwork riding exercise

Gridwork’s when you school your fave pony over poles and fences set out in a line. As well as being loads of fun, it can help improve his jumping technique and your confidence, all at the same time! Plus, you can make it as easy or as challenging as you want, so it’s something ponies and riders of any level can try.

Jump to it

You can create a basic grid with just a few poles and a pair of jump wings, but you’ll need more equipment if you want to add in extra elements. If your yard’s short of kit, why not hire a venue that has loads of jumps and get your instructor to meet you there?

Top tip – Keep things easy for your pony to start with by including low cross-poles in your grid. You can increase the height gradually as he becomes more confident.

Exercise: Simple grid

This is a perfect introduction to grids because it just involves a few trot poles and a small jump – or two!

Simple gridwork riding exercise

Set it up

Start with a line of four or five trotting poles, set approx 1.2m apart. Have a pair of jump stands and two poles at the side of the arena, ready to create your grid.

How to ride it

Trot over the poles three or four times, guiding your pony over the middle of each one. Then add in a low cross-pole, 2.7m from the last trotting pole. Approach in trot again, keeping everything the same and letting the poles create the rhythm, so your pony pops neatly over the fence.

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