The right lines

Posted 13th December 2018

Give your pony the best chance of clearing fences by making sure you have a straight approach

Jumping a showjump straight

Approaching a fence on a wobbly line or at an angle makes it harder for your pony to jump clear, and it’ll be much easier for him to run out, too. So, it’s important to make sure you always approach fences in a straight line. Here’s an easy way to help you achieve this.

Top tip

You don’t need to jump lots of fences to practise straightness – working over poles on the ground is just as helpful. Aim for the middle of the pole, as you would do with a fence.

Exercise: Cross it out

Jumping cross-poles can really help with straightness because they encourage you to aim for the centre of the fence. Try this…

  • Set out two or three cross-poles around your arena to create a short course, then pop over them a few times.
  • Raise the fences to small uprights and see if you can maintain your accuracy over them.

Jumping cross poles to help approach to a fence

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