Pamper your pony

Posted 13th December 2018

Give your fave pony five-star treatment with a pamper session

pampering your pony

Set aside some quality time to spend with your fave pony and treat him to a relaxing pamper session.

Not only will it be super-fun for you both, it’s a great way to strengthen the bond between you. Plus, activities such as grooming and massage have lots of benefits, too, from reducing stress to improving the condition of his skin.

Top tip

Dedicate at least an hour to your pony. If you’re not rushing, you’ll be able to focus on him and you’ll both enjoy the session much more.

Pamper hamper

Before you head to your pony’s stable, put together a pamper hamper that contains everything you need to give him five-star treatment. It could include…

  • your grooming kit
  • mane and tail conditioner
  • massage mitt, pad or brush
  • pony-friendly massage gel (optional)
  • glitter spray or funky hoof decorations
  • treats or a lick for doing stretches
  • phone, speaker and a few relaxing tunes to play while you pamper

Set up

If the weather’s nice, tie your pony up on the yard for his pamper sesh. You can give him a haynet or lick to keep him occupied, then arrange your pamper kit nearby so you can reach everything easily. If it’s wet or windy, you could use his stable if it offers enough natural light, or find a suitable covered area you can transform into a temporary pony beauty parlour! Check it’s OK with your yard manager, though.

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