Meet Emma Massingale

Posted 19th October 2021

Get to know the liberty trainer in our epic interview


Imaginative, passionate and incredibly inspirational, Emma Massingale works with ponies at liberty, and her ability to communicate with a herd is truly unique. Team PONY got the chance to chat to Emma and learn more about her awesome lifestyle.

 What was your first pony like?

Ah…Minnie! She was a typical Welsh Section A pony – feisty, strong – minded and not the easiest to handle! My godmother gave her to me when I was six months old, and I owned her for 35 years. My parents weren’t really into horses when I was young, so I took Minnie to Pony Club with my neighbour.

If you could clone one of your ponies, who would it be and why?

Maybe Albert. But probably Nala, he’s so special. After I had an accident, he was the one to bring back my confidence and I believe he came into my life for a particular reason. He’s actually not the easiest pony, but there’s something magical about him – he always looks after me.

How do you teach your pony to park?

I start by using a square piece of old carpet to get his front feet into position. I place it on the floor, ask him to stand on it then give him a cue and reward. Teaching a pony to stay there is the trickiest part, but with plenty of practice and consistency it soon comes naturally to them. If he steps off the mat, I’ll put him back into position and try again. It’s all about patience!

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