This Esme’s yard hacks

Posted 15th October 2019

Make yard chores extra fun with YouTuber This Esme’s fab tips

This Esme sweeping the yard

My absolute fave thing to do is hang out with Mickey and Casper, even if there are chores involved! I really enjoy the quality time I spend with the ponies when I’m taking care of them, and I love coming up with clever ways to ace my chores, too!

1. Hose the best?

Water’s a really precious resource, so I’m super-careful not to leave the tap running. When I’m filling up water buckets for Mickey, Casper and the donkeys, I’ve got a handy trick to make sure I don’t waste a drop. When one bucket’s full, I’ll fold over a section of the hose, which stops the water coming out. Then, when I’ve moved onto the next bucket, I unfold it and let the water flow again!

Top tip

Another reason it’s important not to spill water is that in winter it can freeze over and make the yard slippery

2. A clean sweep

If you’ve watched my YouTube videos you’ll know I like to keep my yard super-neat and tidy! The best way to do this is to clean up as you go along, so I make sure I sweep up any loose hay or stray bedding when I spot it. This prevents a huge mess building up, which is waaay harder to deal with!

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  1. Molly Mcleod says:

    I’m your biggest fan

  2. Molly Mcleod says:

    I love your videos

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