Keep your pony happy

Posted 15th October 2019

Comet shares his 6 steps to help keep your fave pony chilled and cheerful

six steps to keeping your pony happy

Hey PONY mag readers, my name’s Comet and I’m here to give you some tips to help make your fave pony the happiest pone on the planet! It’ll give you a great feeling to know that he’s loving life, but it’s also super-important for his welfare. It’ll go a long way to helping him stay healthy, and he’ll be more relaxed, too. Plus, you’re sure to find that he enjoys his ridden work so much more.

Step 1: Think food

The latest phone, a shiny pair of riding boots and a hat cover with a fluffy pom-pom – our riders may think they can’t exist without these in their lives, but a pony’s needs are waaay simpler. We’re content with our fave food, a refreshing drink, and somewhere to shelter if the weather’s awful. OK, a tasty carrot now and again is definitely appreciated, but it’s not a deal breaker!

Where food’s concerned, ponies are designed to eat for up to 18 hours a day – awesome – and to keep our tummy happy we always need some fibre to chew on. But it’s much better to give us a little at a time, especially if we put on weight easily. Having too much to eat, or lots of sugary treats, can make us poorly, which definitely won’t be fun.

Find out Comet’s five other steps, in December PONY, on sale 23 October.


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