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Posted 17th October 2018

Winter weather can make it tricky to keep your fave pony clean, but thankfully there’s loads you can do to get him gleaming

Making your pony sparkle through grooming

Winter brings cold, wet weather and usually lots of mud! With the chilly weather making it difficult to give him a bath, keeping your fave pony clean can seem like an impossible task – especially if he’s a light colour! Luckily, PONY has all you need to know to help keep him sparkling clean all winter long.

Little and often

One of the easiest ways to make sure your pony stays clean is to give him a quick groom every day. This could be done as you change his rugs, or when you check him over before you put him in his stable. Remove any dry mud and give him a quick flick over with a body brush to remove dust and grease. Grooming him regularly will also help prevent stains from becoming too ingrained and will help stop the build up of dust and grease.

Top tip

If your pony is really muddy, just groom the area where his tack sits before you ride, then give him a full groom after you’ve ridden.

Be a grooming guru

You should aim to give your pony a full groom at least once a week, which can take around 40 mins! For best results, groom him after you’ve ridden as his pores will be open and this will help evenly distribute the healthy oils in his coat.

Top tip

Your grooming kit can get dirty and greasy, so it’s important to wash your brushes regularly with hot, soapy water to help keep them clean.

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