Squeaky clean

Posted 24th June 2024

Follow our guide to getting your tack ship-shape!


Cleaning your tack might not be your fave horsey job, but it’s sooo important! Find out why, and how to make your pony’s kit sparkle with our guide.

Why, oh why?

There’s more to tack cleaning than just making it look good for show days. When riding, it will pick up grease and dirt that, if not removed, can rub and cause irritation to your pony’s skin, as well as damaging the leather.

Regularly cleaning your tack will help it last longer, too. Using a special conditioner can help nourish the leather, and inspecting your pony’s kit for damage, such as loose stitching or sharp edges on the bit, means you can keep it in check so it doesn’t fall apart while riding – disaster!

Did you know?

You can buy lots of different tack cleaners and conditioners. Some of them have a 2-in-1 formula that makes cleaning quick and easy!

Cleaning the bridle

  1. Take your bridle apart by undoing all the buckles – remember you’ll need to put it back together so it’s worth taking note so you can do it in reverse later!
  2. Rinse the bit under a tap or pop it in a bucket of water to soak – this will help release any dirt that’s stuck to it!
  3. Using a cloth dipped in warm water and rung out, wipe over your bridle to remove the grease and dirt. Don’t get the leather too wet as this could cause damage.
  4. Grab your tack cleaner and apply according to the instructions – some will require water, but others can be applied directly!
  5. Now the tricky part, put it back together!
  6. Loop the throat lash through the reins so they don’t drag on the floor and ta-dah – you have a super-clean bridle!

Discover more of our tack cleaning tips in August PONY – out now!

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