Showing success part one: perfect prep

Posted 24th June 2024

Get your pony show ring ready with Harlow’s top tips

Showing is all about presenting your pony at his very best, both in the way he looks and how he moves. So, making sure he looks the part is a key element to your success! Here’s how I get Rolo looking fab.

All the gear

I have two grooming kits – one includes all the daily grooming essentials, and the other is just for show prep! This one goes to every comp with me and is always to hand when it’s time to make the all-important final touch-ups before I enter the ring. It includes items such as…

  • coat shine
  • hoof oil
  • baby oil
  • baby wipes
  • fluffy mitt
  • hair brush

Top tip

Don’t forget to clean your tack as well as your pony!

Did you know?

Massaging or curry combing your pony will help stimulate blood flow, which can improve skin and coat quality. Plus, using a curry comb when bathing will help lift dirt away from the skin and make your pony super-clean!

Discover more of Harlow’s turnout tips in August PONY – out now!

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