This Esme’s pamper party

Posted 22nd June 2021

Follow This Esme’s grooming step-by-step

This Esme and Joey

There’s nothing better than giving Joey a nice, long pamper sesh – and he loves it just as much as I do! Not only does it get his coat looking super-shiny, but it relaxes him, too. Follow my guide to grooming so you can treat your fave pony to a special spa day!

Foot loose

I like to start by getting all the dirt out of Joey’s hooves using my trusty hoof pick. This is the most important job to do before you ride, because it could hurt your pony if he has a stone in his foot. It’s a good time to check his shoes (if he wears them), too. I look out for any signs of wear, if they’re loose or the nails in the hoof wall – called clenches) – have risen, which all tell you it’s time to call the farrier!

Comb through

Next, I detangle his mane and tail. I use a special mane brush that helps it feel super-sleek. I often use conditioning spray on Joey’s tail, too, but I don’t use it on his mane if I plan to ride, because it can rub on to the reins and make them slippery!

Top tip

It’s a good idea to brush your pony’s mane before his body because it’ll stop the dirt falling on to his clean coat.

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