Summer health check

Posted 22nd June 2021

Keep your fave pony feeling his best this summer

Horse grazing in field

Taking good care of your pony is a year-round job, and each season has slightly different challenges. Warmer weather and plenty of biting insects mean keeping a close eye on your fave pony’s health is super-important, so check out our quick and easy guide to reboot your routine and have him feeling his best.

Hot ‘n’ cold

Hot weather can make living out uncomfortable for your pony, so providing him with shelter is really important. Being able to get out of the sun will help, even if the temperature’s still high. Try to ride at cooler times of day, such as early in the morning or later in the evening, which will have the added bonus of avoiding flies. Make sure you wash him off thoroughly afterwards to help him cool down, too.

You’ll also need to keep a close eye on how much he’s drinking. Make sure he always has access to fresh water from a clean trough or bucket, and remember he’ll prefer lukewarm water over ice-cold. If you think he needs to drink more, add extra water to his feed or consider adding something tasty in an extra water bucket encourage him, such as apple juice. Remember to always offer plain water alongside, too.

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