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Posted 12th June 2020

What to do if your pony suffers a wound

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Despite being beautiful, intelligent and athletic creatures, ponies can be pretty accident-prone and get themselves into all sorts of mischief! While it’s worrying to find your fave pony has been injured, it’s really important not to panic, and to get him the right help as soon as possible. Here are some tips to help you know what to do if he suffers a wound…

Did you know?

If your pony treads on a nail, don’t pull it out – leave it there until the vet arrives. This is because taking an X-ray of it in place is the only way to see whether important structures inside the hoof are damaged.

Action stations

If you find your pony with a wound, the first thing to do is call an adult, such as your yard manager, who’ll help you assess the injury. Here are a few other important things to think about…

  • don’t approach your pony unless you’re sure it’s safe to do so. Even the quietest, calmest pony can be really scared if he’s injured, which means he could hurt you by accident. It’s best to wait until an adult gets there
  • if your pony’s really lame, can’t move or is lying down, leave him where he is until the vet arrives
  • if the wound’s bleeding, but it’s a slow drip of blood, remember that it probably looks more dramatic than it is. However, if blood’s squirting out or there’s enough to make a puddle, you should put pressure on the wound straightaway. Use something clean and absorbent like lint-free cotton wool to apply constant pressure, and secure it in place with a bandage. Put another layer on top if any blood seeps through.
  • if there’s something sticking out of a wound, it can be best to leave it until an adult arrives. If they decide to remove it, photograph it in the wound first, and keep the object until the vet arrives. It’ll help them work out what damage it has caused

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