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Posted 12th June 2020

Quick fixes to transform your position

Boy riding pony

Riding takes lots of practice, and it’s easy to pick up a few bad habits along the way – even pro riders don’t have perfect positions all the time! Whether you tend to lift your heels, have too firm a grip on the reins, or look down at your fave pony’s neck rather than up and ahead, we’ve got some great solutions to help you shake your bad habits!

Fault – Looking down

Your head’s the heaviest part of your body, so your pony can always sense where you’re looking! It’s easy to want to glance down at his head and neck, but it’s important to look up and ahead so he knows where to go next. Looking down can make you both feel unbalanced, too!

This exercise will encourage you to keep your eyes up and get used to feeling what your pony’s doing, without having to look down.

Quick fix

  1. Start in walk, and take both reins into your outside hand.
  2. Hold your inside arm out in front of you and keep your eyes on your hand.
  3. Slowly move your arm out to the side as far as you can, following your hand with your eyes.
  4. Move your arm back out in front of you, then relax it down by your side.
  5. Do this two more times, then change the rein and try it with your other arm.

Top Tip

When you’re riding, focus on different objects around the arena to encourage you to keep looking up.

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