Body language

Posted 20th June 2019

Find out what your fave pony’s trying to tell you through his body language

Understanding your pony's body language

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if your pony could talk? He’d be able to tell you if he’s happy and feeling fine, or if he’s worried or hurting somewhere. Plus, you could ask him why he’s so scared of that dustbin at the end of the lane, even though he’s been past it a thousand times! Instead, you have to play detective and read his body language and behaviour to pick up clues about what he’s thinking and feeling.

Let’s hang out

The best way to learn about your pony’s body language is to spend loads of time with him. Watch him in the stable and out in the field and it’ll help you work out how he…

  • responds and reacts to things he likes and dislikes
  • behaves when he’s relaxed or anxious
  • communicates with his pony pals

All of this info will help you work out when he’s unhappy, or unsure about something, so you can try to make changes that’ll improve things for him. This’ll help build a super-strong bond between you.

Facial expressions

Facial expressions change all the time and sometimes your pony may look anxious or worried for a few seconds, then return to a relaxed state. Maybe he spotted something he wasn’t sure of, then realised it wasn’t a danger, for example. This is perfectly normal, and is just like us frowning, smiling and laughing as different things happen to us during the day. So, there’s no need to worry if your pony looks anxious momentarily, but if he seems unhappy for long periods of time or always becomes stressed in certain situations, it’s worth investigating further.

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