Hacking probs sorted

Posted 2nd July 2018

Make sure hacking is fun for all involved by improving your pony’s hacking manners

Ponies hacking

Hacking is a great way to have fun with your pony and enjoy some down time together. But although it’s a chance for you both to relax, your pony should behave just as well out hacking as he does in the school.

Forever hungry ponies

The problem… treating the hedgerows like a drive-through restaurant.

Why he does it… your pony isn’t listening to you and is easily distracted by food. Ponies have evolved to graze almost constantly, so it’s only natural for him to want to grab a quick snack when he sees an opportunity

Pony eating while out hackingHow to solve it…

  • make sure you keep his attention – just because you’re hacking it doesn’t mean he can do his own thing
  • riding transitions and half-halts is a great way to keep him focused so he’s not thinking about his stomach!
  • as you ride past a tempting bit of greenery, sit up tall, maintain a firm, even contact on both reins and keep your leg on to make sure he’s walking with purpose

Top tip

Always praise your pony when he’s done something well, then he’ll be much more likely to behave in the same way again.

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