Grids galore

Posted 2nd July 2018

Have a go at gridwork to improve your pony’s jump!

Pony jumping a grid

Gridwork has sooo many benefits – it’ll boost your own and your pony’s confidence, improve your position and iron out any problems. The best thing about grids is you can make them as easy or complicated as you like, plus they’re great fun.

Gridwork foundations

If you dive straight into jumping a full grid, it could overface your pony. So before you begin, it’s best to…

  • work out your pony’s stride length to lay the poles out at the correct distances
  • ride through the grid with the poles laid on the ground
  • raise the poles into jumps one at a time when you’re ready

Here are some ideas to try…

The beginner

This grid is a great way to introduce your fave pony to gridwork, because it makes him look at where he’s putting his feet, then asks for two simple jumps.

Gridwork diagram

Set up three trot poles to a cross-pole, followed by two strides to an upright. The distance between the last trot pole and the cross-pole will be the same as a placing pole.

Too easy? Turn the second fence into an oxer.

Top tip

Keep your legs on to guide your pony straight to the centre of the first fence.

If you love jumping and want more gridwork ideas to try, check out August PONY, on sale 4 July.

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