DIY gymkhana

Posted 2nd July 2018

Do you love taking part in gymkhanas? Why not have a go at home with your friends?!

Gymkhana Bending Game

Taking part in a gymkhana is loads of fun, especially if you come home with a rosette. You can recreate some classic gymkhana games at home to get some practice in or just to have fun with your yard mates, and you don’t need loads of special equipment either.

Playing games is also a great way to sneak in some schooling because it can help improve your pony’s balance and flexibility without feeling like you’re working! Here are a few race ideas to get you started…


You’ll need… four bending poles (or you can use jump blocks or cones) about 7–9m (10 strides) apart.

Gymkhana Bending Game Diagram

How to ride it… this game is all about getting your pony listening to you as you bend between the poles. Weave as fast as you can through the poles up the arena, turning around the final pole and weaving home. It’s best to try this race in trot first, then once you’re feeling confident, try cantering through the poles.

Top tip

Bending is a great race to warm up with and you can leave the bending poles out for the other races, too!

Gallop and lead

You’ll need… no extra equipment but nerves of steel!

How to ride it… ride to the top of the arena as fast as you can. Once at the top, dismount and lead your pony down to the finish line as fast as possible.

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