This Esme Yearbook 2022

Get to know your favourite YouTuber in This Esme’s 2022 Yearbook.




It’s full of fun facts, challenge Esme, quizzes and super-fun makes. Plus, get to know the newest member of the herd, and find out all about Esme’s favourite riding exercises. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who loves ponies and riding.

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5 reviews for This Esme Yearbook 2022

  1. My grey pony


  2. Victoria

    Love this book amazing !!💓💓😍

  3. Aimee

    i got this book for christmas and it is good and caspers wardrobe is my favourite and esmes shares lots of great tips on how to prep for your first show……..

  4. E.Equestrian

    This is such an amazing yearbook! I have Esme’s 2021 yearbook, but I’d definitely recommend this one! I pre ordered it the day it came out on the PONY mag website, and recieived a beautifully signed copy. It tells you all about the different gaits and how to master them, and also a few different show guides! I got this delivered two days ago, and when I got it I screamed with excitement! It’s amazing! 5 star!

  5. Kourtney

    I love it I got it today in the post it was so amazing and I’m so pleased with it 🐴

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