This Esme Riding Journal

If like me, you enjoy being super-organised, then you will love this book. Try to fill in something every day, and you’ll soon have an awesome collection of your thoughts, dreams and plans for the future!


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  • Set your horsey goals and track your achievements
  • Lungeing and free-schooling
  • Keep a log of your fave places to ride
  • Plan your daily and monthly routines as well as your lesson progress
  • Add your cutest pony photos
  • Un-dated so you can start your journal at any point
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 64
  • Size: 210x150mm

10 reviews for This Esme Riding Journal

  1. Esme Equestrian Lover

    This journal is so amazing, I have been able to keep track of my riding! Thanks so much Esme! Maybe you could do another journal like this!?

  2. Jorgie

    I literally love this esme thanks so much

  3. Alesha🐴 aka this wake fann

    I really like this it made me stay positive and I love it haven’t looked through it all💗 I love you esme!

  4. Emily and Pepper

    I Really like this book as my pony is very challenging and it help me stay positive. I’m a huge fan of Esme!

  5. Equine_mia

    I really liked this book as it has lots of fun and very unique activities Im a big This Esme fan and I know that all her products are amazing even if I dont have them I know that they would be fun and great quality!

  6. Terrance

    This really helped me stay positive in what can be a very frustrating journey of learning to ride. I has a clear place for your goals and a big space to put lesson overviews. Really helped me to remember to practice.

  7. that.crazy.equestrian

    I think I am the only mature person writing a review regarding this product, and I can see why little children are like “byeee this!!!!! I LOVE YOU ESME!!!!!!” Because, she promotes her product like any good business woman/man would do, I ordered this book, and I must say its really good, and it doesn’t repeat its self, most books/journal would be like “List 3 favourite horsy treats!” // “whats your horses fav food?” you know? but this book is awesome, and its got a few hundred pages, and its not repetitive which i’m very thankful for, but id totally recommend this awesome product!! and, I myself is a huge Esme fan

  8. Esme fan

    This is such an amazing book it’s really worth it!

  9. BUY THIS!!

    This Esme book is amazing!!!!! I love it so much.

  10. Horse Lover

    I think this is a really good book, thanks you so much for making it!!!

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