PONY The Annual 2021

Don’t miss the epic 2021 PONY Annual! It’s bursting with awesome things to enjoy!


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The 2021 PONY Annual has 102 all-new pages and is packed full of riding tips, pony care know-how, breed facts, events, quizzes, stories and epic horsey things to do!

Become a brilliant rider by practising the Annual’s amazing exercises! You’ll find out how to ace a square halt, plan a legendary jumping sesh and create super-fun polework layouts your fave pony will love!

You’ll loads about pony-care, too! Find out all you need to know about keeping your fave pony happy and healthy, become a plaiting pro with our step-by-step guide, and check out how to lead and handle ponies safely. You’ll impress your friends by soaking up loads of fun facts about ponies, too.

Plus, there’s loads more fun stuff to enjoy! Pretend you’re a star eventer by playing our super-cool boardgame, create a horsey painting, test your knowledge in our quizzes and read lots of exciting stories. You’ll also find hilarious fess-ups, fun puzzles and pony photostories inside!


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