My Pony Logbook

Keep track of your horsey life with this fantastic log book! Including pages to chronicle your lessons, describe your fave pony and more!


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Record everything about your horsey life! Your memories, favourite ponies, top lessons and best friends will be immortalised in the beautiful pages of this book.

  • Format: Hardback
  • Pages: 94
  • Size: 170x205mm

8 reviews for My Pony Logbook

  1. Pony Owen


    Jemma, 13
    Owen, 15’2 Palomino Gelding

  2. pepper the horse

    This book came with me everywhere from the minute i got it, even to school….

  3. pop


  4. Phoebe

    I recently bought a horse this year and I had this little gem lying around from Christmas time. As soon as my horse arrived, it was pen to paper for every lesson! I saw how my horse could play up at any time and it really helped me to boost my confidence, as my horse can be headstrong and hot-headed! I can now see my errors much clearer and correct them in future lessons! Very Good and I would recommend for beginners or people who own horses themselves! Very Entertaining!

    Phoebe , 12

  5. sophie

    Couldn’t have asked for a better book

  6. grace

    very good

  7. Poppy

    It was really good and I loved it

  8. Grl


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