Heartland - Series Thirteen - DVD Box Set

Set against the stunning vistas of the Alberta Rocky Mountains, Heartland, based on the best-selling books by Lauren Brooke, is a sprawling family drama that follows the Fleming sisters Amy and Lou and their grandfather Jack, through the highs and lows of life on a horse ranch.



The excitement, love, and drama continue in season 13 of ‘Heartland’. As Amy and Ty continue to build their business together, the inevitable ups and downs of entrepreneurship will test the strength of their marriage. The added pressures of building a new home, raising their young daughter, Lyndy, and keeping an eye on Luke, a young boy they are fostering, will also challenge the couple along the way.

Georgie returns from an elite equestrian training camp in Europe only to realize that things in Hudson are not as they were when she left – or perhaps she is the one who has changed. We follow Georgie’s momentous life experiences, including high school graduation, as she grapples with what’s next for her in relation to competing, academics, and romance.

When a dangerous storm heads towards Hudson, Jack is forced to face some tragic memories from his past. He will also end up weighing some major decisions for his business and his future.

Lou and Mitch make things official in their relationship, but soon realize that their career aspirations may not be as in sync as they had hoped.

Tim sorts out what happens next after last season’s failed marriage proposal and it might include a new business venture.


  • Season 13 overview
  • Animals
  • Fans
  • Make it Fresh
  • Series Evolution
  • Production Design
  • Characters
  • Classic Moments
  • Production
  • Women of Heartland
  • Cast and Crew Family
  • Heartland Future
  • Bloopers


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