Harlow Yearbook 2023

The 2023 Harlow Yearbook is bursting with behind-the-scenes info, super-fun things to do with your pony and handy step-by-step guides.




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Get ready to ride and make it your best one yet, set goals for horsey success and level up your polework, hacking, dressage and jumping skills. Give your pony the ultimate pamper session with Harlow’s steps to grooming and bathing – he’ll be gleaming in no time.

Check out exclusive behind-the-scenes pics on a vlog shoot, find out Harlow’s fave videos so far and discover a day in her life. Nail your outfit, whatever the activity, and celebrate all your pony’s fave special occasions.

Take on Challenge Harlow, from jockey stirrups to jumping with no hands, and boost your confidence riding different ponies. Read all about the riding activities Harlow loves and try the adorable makes – treasure your memories and get ready for a movie night with pals! Plus, you’ll get to know more about Harlow, Popcorn and Cloudy.

12 reviews for Harlow Yearbook 2023

  1. Harlow R (Not Harlow White!)

    I can’t wait to read with my pony!!! Sadly, I have to wait!!!

  2. Maddie Carson (verified owner)

    I love my book so much I am so excited to read it 😃😃😃😃 I love u Harlow and popcorn, cloudy

  3. #1 Harlow Fan!!

    AMAZING!! Harlow and Chelsea did a great job!
    Loved it I am reading it for the 100th time now.
    So detailed and learned so much stuff about her and Cloudy and Popcorn!!

  4. arizana fielder

    i love it

  5. Jenny litter

    Absolutely outstanding if there was anything that I would get it would be this

  6. Ill


  7. Immie

    I love ittt

  8. Vanessa

    Ive been waiting for this day since ever! The yearbook is so good and detailed! I got to know stuff that I never knew about Harlow, Popcorn, and Cloudy. 100% a must if you are a Harlow and Popcorn geek like me! 🙂

  9. louise dunne berrie

    i love the magazine so much i have been from the very start of harlow and popcorns journy

  10. Sophie


  11. Layla rose jones

    Harlow you are amazing thank you for spending time creating this book you have helped me so much from your biggest fan who watching your videos as soon as you post them xxx we are the same age and I wish I could own a horse too but we can not offird. It and if we could I would have a palomino myself and I would call him Eddie or I would get a frenshien and name it Bess

  12. Layla rose jones

    It’s amazing I love it all

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