Charlotte Dujardin Yearbook

Bursting with everything for the young dressage fan.


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Bursting with everything for the young dressage fan

  • Find out what it takes to get to the top
  • Meet Charlotte’s superstar Grand Prix horses
  • Learn all about advanced dressage moves
  • Discover what Charlotte looks for in a horse
  • How to put the wow factor into dressage to music
  • Go behind the scenes at Carl and Charlotte’s incredible yard

3 reviews for Charlotte Dujardin Yearbook

  1. Bella Wiles

    I love it Charlotte is Amazing she inspires me and This will help with my dressage

  2. Jekka

    Really great book, I learnt alot from it and really do recomend great birthday or christmas present.

  3. iona_cob

    i really like this book because it is really interesting

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