Turnout Secrets

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Going showing this season? Once you’ve read our fab Turnout Secrets guide, you’ll be ready to dazzle the judges.

turnout secrets

Here are a some top tips to secure yourself a rozzie or two out showing!

If your pony has a thin tail, plait it loosely when damp. When you let it loose it will appear fuller with those slight waves.

Before you enter the ring, take a moment to check everything is well with your and your pony’s turnout. Once you’re in there, you can’t run out and get something you’ve forgotten!

Make sure you know which is the judge or judges and which is the steward. You want to make sure you impress the right person.

Keep your distance from the pony in front. It not only gives you more room for your pony to show himself off well, but you don’t know whether the pony in front is friendly. If you get too close, turn your pony across the ring to find yourself a space.

Try to get a friend to groom for you. It helps to have someone on the ground to hold your pony, to help you fix your number and to give moral support.

If things go well then remember to big up your pony. If things don’t go so well, big him up anyway. It wasn’t his idea to go to a show!


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