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Just like human athletes stretch before a work-out, your pony can benefit from loosening up his muscles before a ride, too, especially if he’s a golden oldie! Try these cool carrot stretches!

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Stretch one

Show your pony the piece of carrot and slowly move it to his chest, letting him follow it with his muzzle, but try not to let him step back. Hold the position for a few seconds, then move the corrot back to when you started. Repeat a couple of times, then reward your pony with the piece of carrot!
Great for… loosening up his mid- and upper-neck.

Stretch two

Stand at your pony’s girth and show him the carrot. Lower it down to his fetlocks and encourage him to bring his muzzle between his front legs.
Great for… stretching out his lower-neck.

Stretch three

Stand by your pony’s belly and use the carrot to encourage your pony to bring his head around towards you. See how close to his hind leg he can stretch his head. Repeat this on both sides.
Great for… stretching his whole body from his neck, through his back and down to his hindquarters.

Top tip!

You don’t have to use pieces of carrot for the exercises. Use whatever your fave pony likes best – mints, herb treats or even a hand-held lick.

Top tip!

Start with small stretches. Your pony might not be able to do the full stretch to begin with, but that’s okay. The more you practise, the better he’ll get!

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