Putting on a tail bandage

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Here's the ultimate guide to putting on a tail bandage!

tail bandage

Roll the bandage up correctly, otherwise you’ll have lots of trouble! (To be correctly rolled up, a tail bandage needs to have the ties rolled inside.)

Place the top of the bandage at an angle at the top of the tail, keeping the roll on top.

Pass the bandage around the tail once, then fold down the diagonal flap. Once this is folded down, keep passing the bandage around the tail, overlapping each layer by about half the width of the bandage.

Keep going until you reach the bottom of the tail bone, then go back up the tail until you reach the end of the bandage.

Do up the ties, making sure that they aren’t so tight that they cut off your pony’s circulation.

Make sure that the bandage tension is even all the way down the tail!



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