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You don’t need to be riding to work on your fave pony’s suppleness – carrot stretches that you do from the ground are super useful, too!


Carrot stretches can improve his co-ordination, help to prevent injury and you can use these to stretch your pony’s neck and back. Although they’re called carrot stretches, you don’t need to use a carrot. Hand-held licks often work better because your pony’s less likely to accidentally bite you and will hold the stretch for longer.

Top tip

Your pony needs to stand still for these stretches to work. At the beginning he’ll probably try to walk backwards or move his feet to get the carrot or lick, so it’s easier to stand him in a stable or with his bottom to a fence while he’s still learning what you’re asking.

Sideways stretches

How to do them…  on a flat surface, stand with your back to your pony’s shoulder and use the lick to encourage him to curl his neck around you at various heights equally on each side. You can try a…

  • low stretch


  • medium stretch


  • high stretch


Downward stretches

How to do them… stand next to your pony and use the lick to encourage him to bring his chin down to…

  • his chest, to stretch his poll


  • between his knees, to stretch his neck and withers


  •  between his feet, to stretch the area behind his saddle



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