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How to open a gate without getting off

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Having trouble opening and closing gates while on your pony out hacking? Don't worry, PONY shows you how!

Opening a gate from your pony

How to open a gate while mounted

1. Approach the gate! Some ponies prefer a more sideways approach, so if your pony gets confused, try coming in alongside it – then you’re in the right place to proceed.

2. With your reins in one hand, lean over and unfasten the latch. If you can train your pony to move his quarters away from your leg, this gate-opening lark will be easy.

3. Give the gate a push to open it.

4. Make sure the it opens really wide so that you and your pony can pass through without it swinging back on to you. Don’t try to turn your pony around until he is completely clear.

5. Don’t forget to go back and shut the gate!

If your pony gets confused keep calm, stop for a moment and then start again, quietly. Take your time – he might not understand that you want to open the gate!


Never leave gates open, and if you are out riding with a friend, it is polite to hold the gate open for each other.


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