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Lunge lessons are a great way to really improve your riding. We give some top tips and problem-busting ideas.

Lunge lessons top tips

Lunge lessons are brilliant for developing your seat. As the instructor has control over your mount, you can really concentrate on your own position. Points to look out for include:

1 Keeping your hips in line with the pony’s hips. Don’t let your outside hip drift back too far.
2 Keeping your shoulders in line with your pony’s shoulders. This means keeping your inside shoulder back. Don’t drop either shoulder – they need to be level!
3  Keeping your weight in your inside heel to stay balanced.
Sitting tall – it is tempting to curl up and lean forward, but think instead of pushing your hips forward and keeping your lower legs back.
5  Staying supple. The best way to do this is to smile. You can’t stay stiff when you smile!


Bouncing about too much?

Breathe out and push your tummy forward. Remember to keep your hips supple to move with the pony.

Feeling yourself slipping to the outside?

The weight will be in your outside heel – transferring it to your inside heel will help!

Pony getting faster and faster?

Sounds like you’re gripping with your lower leg. He’s only doing what you ask! Relax those lower legs.

Tipping forward in downward transitions?

Keep your shoulders back as the pony slows down.

Getting left behind in upward transitions?

Keep the middle of your upper body forward as your pony goes faster (not your shoulders!).


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  1. Neide says:

    Just started lunging my pony to help her lose weight and to improve her fitness, is there any particular training program that I should be working off?

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