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Emergency grooming!

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What if your pony comes in covered in dust and you need him to look gorgeous in 10 minutes? Panic not! Here's a foolproof way to get a dark pony looking the business in no time! (Don't try this on greys...!)

1. Get a bucket of very hot water, your body brush and curry comb.

2. Use your body brush on your pony as usual, except that when you use your curry comb to clean the brush, dip it first into the hot water, shaking it out before drawing the teeth along the brush.

3. Brush your pony.

4. The hot water will pick up the dust. If you get streaks, there’s too much water on your curry comb. Shake it some more!

There, one gleaming pony in next-to-no-time!

Your Comments

  • Jody Smith

    I tried it and it worked really well.
    He was gleaming for the lesson!

  • lilymollymagicxxx

    plz make grooming tips for greys šŸ™

  • Alice loves2 ride 77

    Cool, and it was done quickly, I expect?

  • Alice loves2 ride 77

    Aw hopefully they will! How long does it take you to groom Molly?

  • lilymollymagicxxx

    years!! no, actually if shes just come in from field it can take up to sn hour but if shes not that dirty only about 10 minss

  • Alice loves2 ride 77

    Hard to groom, but worth it to have such an amazing horse..

  • lilymollymagicxxx

    Ye shes worth it all !

  • Alice loves2 ride 77

    All work is worth it when you have a beloved pet or horse in your case

  • lilymollymagicxxx

    ye but u realise that when u have 5 dogs and a pony!!!

  • Alice loves2 ride 77

    Awww all very unique in their personalities I suppose

  • lilymollymagicxxx

    ye like a fuzzy eater a dog who will eat anything a dog who can be extremely rude and disobedient a dog that can come not very intelligent and a dog that just wants to hug everything and be everyone’s friend! ….. and how can i forget a marvellous pony who is quite greedy,speedy and loves anything to do with jumping!

  • lilymollymagicxxx

    whats ur family like with pets?

  • Alice loves2 ride 77

    We have a adorable friendly and slightly greedy cat

  • Alice loves2 ride 77

    Sounds an amazing lot of animals!

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