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Caring for your veteran pony

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There are lots of things you can do to help your pony along in the ageing process...

Have his teeth checked every 6–12 months. Poor teeth, or a problem in the mouth, is often a reason for weight loss.

2  Pay close attention to your pony’s dietary needs and adjust accordingly. Speak to a reputable feed company for advice.

3  Soft feeds, are much easier for older ponies to chew. Sugar beet is great, and cubes tend to be better than coarse mix because

they can be soaked to make them softer.

4  Hay may become completely impossible for your pony to eat. A hay replacement, is ideal to keep up your pony’s fibre intake, which is essential for good digestion.

5  A high protein diet is important (unless your pony has PPID).

6. Adding a yeast probiotic to your pony’s feed helps keep his digestive system functioning well.

7  Regular exercise is important to keep him supple, but slow and careful warming up is needed to avoid pulled muscles and jarred joints.

8  Joint supplements can help prevent your pony’s joints from becoming stiff.

9  Veterans are generally better off turned out so they can mooch around, rather than standing in a stable. That said, older ponies often feel the cold more so ensure he is kept warm and dry in good quality rugs.

10  Keep on top of his worming.


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