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Entries close 31 March 2020. For PONY competition terms and conditions, and privacy and cookies policy, head to bit.ly/PONY_TERMS and bit.ly/PONY_PRIVACY

The Prizes

Horslyx Garlic balancer lick and Garlic Mini lick

Five lucky readers will each win a Garlic balancer lick and a Garlic Mini lick from Horslyx. These garlic goodies will help keep the flies off your pony in the summer months, plus he’ll think they’re super-tasty, too. horslyx.com

Equestrian Stockholm Dressage saddle pad (full size only)

Two lucky readers will each win a Dressage saddle pad (full size) from Equestrian Stockholm. This gorgeous pad in Bordeaux red will add a touch of luxury to your horse’s outfit. Plus it’s designed to be quick drying, and the shiny material will help any dirt slide off. equestrianstockholm.com

Mackey Matching Unicorn set

One lucky reader will win a Matching Unicorn set from Mackey. It’ll include a lilac Unicorn saddle pad, Unicorn Hearts halter set and fleece rug, and a lilac Lucky Unicorn complete grooming box. Saddle pad available in pony size, head collar in cob size and fleece in 113cm. mackey.ie

Horsy personalised bundle

One lucky reader will receive a personalised bundle of items from Horsy. The prize includes a water bottle, blanket and a hoodie, all with your fave pony’s photo on! All you’ll need to do is send in your fave pony’s pic, and they’ll do the rest! horsy.co.uk

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WIN a Wintec saddle!

One lucky reader will win a Wintec saddle of their choice up to the value of £1,199

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WIN a riding outfit and grooming kit from Decathlon

Eight lucky winners will each receive a riding outfit and grooming kit from Decathlon

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