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The Prizes

Junior Green Flex-on stirrups

One lucky reader will win a pair of Junior Green Composite Flex-on stirrups. These shock-absorbing stirrups have a skewed slot for the stirrup leather for better leg contact with your pony, and are available in a wide range of colours. flex-on.fr

Mollichaff HoofKind Complete

Four lucky readers will each win three bags of Mollichaff HoofKind Complete. Suitable for ponies prone to laminitis, it’s made from a balanced blend of high-quality oat straw, dried alfalfa, fibre pellets and soya oil. It also has added vitamins and minerals, trace elements, antioxidants and biotin. horsehage.co.uk

Friendship gift box set

Two lucky readers will each win a Friendship gift box set from Hooves and Love. It includes a snaffle friendship bracelet, a handmade cotton zip bag and a horse print notepad, which is ideal for keeping track of your horsey goals. hoovesandlove.co.uk

Likit bundle

One lucky reader will win a Likit prize bundle, including Snak-a-Ball, Boredom Breaker and Tongue Twister stable toys, plus Likit refills and yummy Likit Snaks to give your pony hours of fun. likit.co.uk

Baileys Meadow Sweet

Eight lucky readers will each win a bag of Baileys Meadow Sweet. It’s a low-sugar, low-starch feed with turmeric to help maintain condition while encouraging a calm temperament. It’s high in fibre, and is ideal for older ponies as well as those in light to moderate work. baileyshorsefeeds.co.uk

Noble Outfitters Pinnacle jacket

One lucky reader will win a Noble Outfitters Pinnacle jacket. The jacket’s Nobletec technology will keep you warm and dry on those long winter days at the yard. nobleoutfitters.co.uk

More Competitions and Give-aways

Wintec saddle competition

WIN a Wintec saddle!

One lucky reader will win a Wintec saddle of their choice up to the value of £1,199

PONY April Decathlon competition prizes

WIN a riding outfit and grooming kit from Decathlon

Eight lucky winners will each receive a riding outfit and grooming kit from Decathlon

PONY April 20 prize giveaway

WIN with April PONY

Check out the fab prizes in the April PONY giveaway!


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