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Real-Life Drama: Would I ever find a new pony to love?

Eve’s search for a pony suffered plenty of setbacks – would she ever find a pony to love?

A few months after the tragic death from laminitis of my first pony, Toby, my Nana enrolled me at a local riding school. I was booked to ride a piebald pony called Pingu, and it was love at first sight. I felt so much happier when I was around him. One evening, after my lesson on Pingu, my instructor and I led him back to his field with his other ponies. As I gave Pingu his goodnight kiss, my instructor announced that Pingu was being retired. My heart broke again. I had lost another special pony!

The best news

I didn’t need to be sad because my Nana told me that Pingu was being retired to us – he was going to be mine! She told me not to get my hopes up as Pingu would only be retired when his replacement was fully trained. I knew I was going to be waiting a long while. About a week before Pingu retired I went for my usual lesson, but Pingu wasnt there! My instructor said that he was in a different field and that I had to ride a different pony. A little disappointed but still glad to be riding, I rode a different pony.

The worst news

The next day my parents were being unusually kind to me, offering me presents and toys – we even went to the cinema. I had no idea what was going on but I didn’t mind all the treats! When we got home from the cinema it was getting late so I wandered upstairs to my bedroom to get changed into my pyjamas. Once I was changed there was a knock at my door and standing in front of me were my mother and father looking guilty. They sat me down and said, “Eve, you can’t ride Pingu next week.” I was confused. “Why not?” I asked. My father gulped and said, “Because Pingu has got cancer and is going to be put to sleep.” My heart almost stopped. I had waited two years for Pingu to retire. He was the only one who had helped me recover from Toby’s death and now he had to die, too!


New beginnings

I didn’t return to the riding school for a couple of weeks, but finally I plucked up the courage to go. When we arrived Nana led me to a chestnut mare and asked me who it was. “I think it’s Custard,” I replied, rather perplexed. “No, it’s not,” said Nana. “It’s your new pony, Tia!” I couldn’t believe it! I was allowed to ride Tia for a test ride in my lesson but she was a little stiff. My Nana explained how her previous owners had kept her at livery at the riding school without paying a penny. I also found out that she had arthritis.

Tia was scheduled to come to us the next day at 10.30am. However, I was so excited that I was up and ready by 6am! I passed the time by preparing the stable and picking out a suitable headcollar. Finally Tia arrived, I could tell she was nervous, so to calm her down I fed her lots of treats. Tia is almost fully recovered from her arthritis and is a totally different pony. She loves her new life!



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