PONY the Annual 2022

Rugging Quiz

Winter's coming and thoughts turn to keeping our ponies warm and dry!

Rugging Quiz

A pony needs a rug if:

He’s clipped

He’s not clipped

He’s a native


You measure a pony’s rug size from:

The nose to the tail

The poll to the tail

The centre of his chest to the furthest point of the hind quarters


A turnout rug should be used:

When your pony is warm after exercise

When your pony is going out in the field

To ride your pony when it is raining


Cross over surcingles fasten:

At the pony’s chest

At the pony’s back legs

At the pony’s belly


A breathable rug:

Helps to stop your pony from sweating

Allows plenty of room for your pony to breathe

Stops your pony from getting out of breath in the field


The correct way to put on a rug is to:

Throw it over your pony doing the straps up in any order you want

Put it on gently doing the straps up working from the back of the pony to the front of the pony

Fold the rug in half and put it on your pony, then do the straps up working from front to back


An exercise sheet is:

For clipped ponies when being exercised, or for ponies ridden in the rain

To help your pony cool down after exercise

For your pony to wear in his stable to keep warm


A stable rug is:

Warm but not waterproof

Made of wicking to help dry wet ponies

Warm and waterproof

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