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PONY the Annual 2022
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Pony general knowledge crossword

Put your general pony knowledge to the test with our awesome cross-word

1. Your pony can use one of these to stop him eating too much grass
2. Charlotte Dujardin’s former Olympic dancing partner
3. They look after your pony’s feet
4. A type of bit
5. Ride a threelooped snake down the school
6. A small fence to warmup over
7. A chance to show off your pony’s paces
8. PONY mag’s comic strip character
9. You’ll need these if you want your pony to have a haircut
10. A wide face marking
11. The front of your saddle
12. This fence is really, really narrow
13. Go superfast
14. Something spooky that sits under a jump
15. A female horse or pony
16. What ponies love to roll in
17. A type of feed that tops up his vits and mins
18. This piece of tack’s designed to stop a pony putting his head too high
19. A magical creature
20. You’ll need this for mucking out
21. A popular breed of pony from Ireland
22. You’ll lead your pony to the field in this
23. A type of bedding
24. A superstrong horse
25. Use this to give your pony a bath
26. The time you have with your instructor
27. An alternative to buying a pony
28. These protect your lower legs when you’re riding
29. PONY Ed Jo’s fave pony
30. The noise a pony makes

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