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Equine teeth quiz

Take our cool quiz here to test your knowledge all about pony's teeth!

What are the front set of teeth (incisors) used for?

Chopping grass to grazeBiting naughty children!Munching carrots

What are the back set of teeth (molars) used for?

Grabbing the bit and running off!

Chewing food

They have no purpose

What does the vet or equine dental technician use to file down any sharp edges?


A nail file

A rasp

Why do ponies’ teeth need to be checked regularly?

To check that the pony doesn’t need any fillings

To check for sharp edges and to evaluate the overall health of the teeth

They don’t need to be checked regularly

What is a common problem with ponies’ teeth?

Sharp edges

Blunt teeth

Wobbly teeth

How often should a pony see a vet or qualified equine dental technician?

Every five years



Why should you not ride a pony with bad teeth?

You can ride a pony with sore teeth, as there is a gap where the bit sits

The bit could make the discomfort worse, causing him to misbehave

It will make the pony cross

What can happen to ponies if they are having problems with their teeth?

They can lose condition

Nothing happens

They eat more

What are wolf teeth?

They’re wolf’s teeth – nothing to do with ponies!

The front set of teeth used for grazing

Small, underdeveloped teeth located in front of the upper molars

How can you tell how old a pony is by looking at their teeth?

Their teeth start to fall out as they get older

Their teeth continue to grow as they get older, and can develop new characteristics

Their teeth become worn down from years of grazing


How much do you know about teeth?

Want to learn more about teeth? Click here for our cool fact file that you can download and keep!


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