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A place to hang out, chat and discuss horsey-related things with other PONY magazine readers! Maybe you have a pony problem, or you want opinions on the best XC colours – or perhaps you just want to know what breed is everyone's fave!

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  1. PonyMadHorseyGirl says:

    Has anyone got any good advice on jumping higher? I’m at about 75cm and wanting to jump higher. Also, who else loves appaloosas!? They are soooo cute!
    One last thing, anyone else love this esme? Who is your fav of her horses? (Mine’s Casper or Mickey.)

  2. Hi Sandra
    I luuuuuurve ALL horse breads
    I ADORE XC but I haven’t done it in over two years I love sj to
    I’ve jumped 95cm sj in the Chase me Charlie at camp but I mostly do courses of 75cm
    My fav ponies 13.2hh
    I’ve been riding for like since for ever and I’ve been riding at the stables I ride at now for two years I also love jumping and going fast and I REALLY want a pony!!!!! I want to be an Olympic eventer when I’m grown up
    I can’t choose just one horse colour although my fav ponies grey so perhaps that one
    Probably this Esme
    Do you mean a bit as in a horses bit cos if so what about eggbut snaffle mouth quit allot of the ponies in my stables are ridden in them
    I luuuuuurve pony club allthough when ever it is it it nearly always seems to rain
    If your not having fun jumping with your horse it could be because your putting like to much stress on yourselves to be really good so instead just have some fun
    . Mix it up and do some new jumps or have a chase me Charlie with your friends, jump in the fields or on a hack basically have fun
    Aoife♥️Alfie xxx

  3. puppy3866 says:

    thanks tillymunchkin

  4. puppy3866 says:

    HI Sandra
    1.i love all breeds but i love frisans most
    2.cross country
    4.i have been riding for almost a year i love jumping and enjoy going fast my intrests match my fav pony perfectly sometimes to a fault!i have been very blessed with a great instructor who really pushes me to become better.me and my pony are showing next month in our first show!i had my first fall this month and thankfully was unharmed.i love saddle pads. and enjoy hacks on the beach.
    5.i like cremelos best but my pony is bay.
    what do you enjoy and who is your fav pony

  5. Hi
    I’m going to change my name to Aoife ♥️ Alfie!!!

  6. Sandra says:

    Hi I have had my own horse once but she was not so happy😕! How can I have fun with my horse 🐴 when jumping? Thanks! X

  7. Sandra says:

    Hi guys can I ask you people a few questions?
    1. What your favourite horse breed is.
    2. If you prefer showjumping cross-country or dressage.
    3. If you like showjumping or cross-country how high have you jumped?
    4. If you have a horse and how many hands is he or she ?
    5. And tell me a bit about YOU!
    5.What’s your favourite horse colour is (I know I ask A lot of questions!!)
    6. What your favourite horse YouTuber ( is mine is this esme)
    7. Tell me a bit

  8. puppy3866 says:

    hello tillymunchkin i have a very bouncey pony i would defintly say no stirrups works!just dig your seat bones in and try to slow your hip relax and have fun and use a lot of core strength

  9. puppy3866 says:

    hi Olympia Girl
    i love saddle pads and jumping
    i have a bennington blue pro lemiuex
    and i love jumping bareback

  10. Hi tiilymunchkin
    Your ponies sound lovely
    My tips on having a successful first show would be:
    Get organised the day before like packing your lorry/ trailer when your not excited or nervous
    If your jumping enter a class a bit smaller as what you normally jump so that it feels small
    Warm up well in time for your class
    If you dont no what’s happening or were to go just follow the other people
    Smile at the judges
    Try and find your friends so you can have a laugh together and that might make you not feel so nervous
    And above all HAVE FUN!
    Good luck
    What about Lemieux some ponies at my stables have them and there very smart also shires is very good and wears well however is quit expensive
    Aoiferedrosette xxx

  11. Olympia Girl says:

    For anyone else who has a horse who leans on the bridle and can’t get the horse to soften to your hand, I have found that using a flash noseband really helps

  12. Alesha says:

    Hello! Does anyone know any good saddle pads and where I can get them from?!

  13. any advice because tomorrow my first show and i dont really know a lot about shows.

    xx tillymunchkin

  14. my pony is called munchkin. munchkin is my dark bay gelding standing at 13 hands.my other pony is called taffy he is light bay and standing at 14 hands.
    i live in England.
    xx tillymunchkin

  15. Hi
    What’s everyone’s fave pony like
    And what’s your dream pony
    Mine is Alfie he’s a Appaloosa Dartmoor X grey super speedy amazing at everything 13.2hh loves to jump and sooooooo scopey he’s really kind patient and friendly ad falls asleep when you groom him and gives the best cuddles he is basically my dream pony and though I can’t own him as he’s already got owners and who’d give up a pony like that? I want my pony when I get them to be as like that as possible
    I can now go and help out more at my stables which I’m suuuuuuuuuuper pleased about
    Aoiferedrosette xxx

  16. Hi
    I’ve not heard of your stables
    Although I’ve been to loads of stables for lessons
    I started at kings Weston when I was six but the owner retrierd
    then I went to tummy green which we found unsuitable
    then Rda which was also unsuitable
    then urchinwood mannor but my instructor left I was so devostated bu actually it was the best thing that could have happened cos then I went to church farm equestrian centre and pony club and it is singularly THE best I have improved so much and the ponies are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Alfie’s my fave although there alll lovely
    I joined pony club and have made so many really nice friends and learned so much
    I would recommend church farm to anyone it’s full at the minute allthough there might be some spaces in pony club
    By the way we have lovely red jumpers and tee shirts!!!🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴

  17. PonyMadHorseyGirl says:

    Tilly Munchkin, you could try asking a friend if you could ride their horse, or if your stables has riding school ponies you could ride one of theirs? I used to do bareback on a pony called Boomer who was really bouncy and had a bony back. I ended up asking to ride a different horse (Amber) who was way better. Other than that, I’m not sure 🤔 hope this helps 🥰

    PonyMadHorseyGirl xx

  18. PonyMadHorseyGirl says:

    Olympia Girl, I love love love love riding bareback! It is so fun! Also my fav thing to do on horseback is jump, I have only competed once though but I did come third!
    Btw, did anyone else ride at Snainton riding center before it closed down and if you did, where did you go to ride next because I can’t seem to find anywhere else nearby 😉

  19. Hi tillymunchcin
    Riding with out styraps can really help you improve your balance
    Just sit firmly deap in the saddle and ride like you would if you did have stryraps it’s not actually much harder!!!

  20. Hi
    My fav pony is grey
    I think saddle pads are cool and can’t wait to buy them for my own pony when I’ve got one
    Jumping is my top FAV disaplin
    I don’t have any Lemieux saddle pads
    Yeah I love to ride bare back it’s such fun
    Aoiferedrosette xxx🐴🐎🏇🏻

  21. hi puppy3866
    i fell of last year and it broke my confidence try just working with your pony in-hand and grooming to help build your trust again helps you can also start on easy stuff and work your way up to what you where doing before.
    hope this helps
    xx tillymunchkin

  22. Sandra says:

    Sully girl you ask a lot of questions but because it’s related to my favourite subject I’ll answer them all! 👌 ok sooo , I one a horse his name is soldier! Fav breed is Freasian.i like Chestnuts 🌰😄! I want to be a equine veterinarian! I like riding when it’s cool

  23. hi
    I have really bouncy pony but my instructor wants me to do no stirrup work.Any advice for us.

  24. tillymunchkin says:

    I have a really bouncy pony but my instructor wants me to do work without stirrups to improve my canter.Anyone got any advice for us.
    xxx tillymunchkin.

  25. Olympia Girl says:

    Hi guys,
    Who owns a grey horse?
    Who loves saddle pads?
    Who loves jumping?
    Do you have any lemuix saddle pads?
    Can you ride bare back?🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐴🐴🐴🐎🐎🐴🐎🐎🐴🐎🐎🐴
    From Olympia Girl xxxx

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