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You see me rollin…

Duggie’s been on a top-secret mission to try and escape Kate’s summer plans…

Duggie and Solly in field

Ugh. I thought that with this sunny weather, Kate would just leave Solly and I to sunbathe. I think it sounds like a brill idea but you humans seem to find it fun to make us do something called exercise?!

Kate says I need to go on a diet, so has put me in a paddock with a tiny amount of grass. She says I’m looking a bit fat, when I’m really just in perfect show condition! I’ve been trying to roll under the fence and into the field next door to eat all of the lush grass. Solly thinks it’s hilarious, but seriously gang, it’s a top-secret mission. Please don’t tell Kate, or she might put my grazing muzzle on as well!

I’d love to hear what you guys are up to in the hols.


Adios peeps,

Duggie XXX

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2 responses to “You see me rollin…”

  1. Jaguar da Jumper says:

    Duggie, u are hilarious!!!

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