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Woohoo, Spring is on its way!

That’s right, the days are getting longer, the fields are drying up and new grass is growing – it doesn't get better than this! Having fun in the sun is my new favourite thing. Well....second favourite thing if you count being fed my favourite treat first!

Soloman and I are loving the warmer weather, plus with the Spring grass on the way, we’re having great fun chasing each other around the field. Kate’s been spending lots of time grooming us to try and help our summer coats come through – I’m trying to be helpful by rolling as much as possible so that she can groom me more often – she doesn’t seem that appreciative of my efforts though… I’ll never understand humans!

The PONY Team all seem very excited about the latest issue of PONY – apparently it’s some sort of bumper issue with a Chestnut Hill novel included – I said that you readers would be much more interested in a book all about the magnificent Duggie, but no one seems to listen to me apparently.

Catch ya later, The Duggster x



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