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Wahoo! The sunshine is in my field and my muddy coat can dry!

My coat has been so muddy and wet all winter, now it has a chance to dry and leave lovely clumps for Kate and Penny to groom out! With the weather brightening up, it'll make me feel a lot better as well, not having to have that big, thick coat on anymore.

Seriously though, now the sun is out my coat can start to moult and I will look all shiny and preened very soon. I love a good grooming, its like a massage!

Solli likes them less so, but he puts up with it – Colonel is as grumpy as ever and REALLY doesn’t like Kate giving him a once-over with the brush.


The problem with the sun is that my nose and ears can sometimes get a little burnt if I spend too much time lolling around the paddock. Penny keeps an eye out and puts some sunblock on these senstive areas.

Tell you what, why don’t you let me know what the other things that Penny needs to keep an eye on for the summer. I’ll give you a clue, they will be about keeping me happy and healthy!

Let me know below!



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