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Uh oh, the summer holidays are on their way…!

Great for YOU lot maybe, but that means I’ll end up being ridden more often, which means more hard work! Me being out in the field all day and eating grass is like you sitting at home on the sofa all day eating pizza! You wouldn't want it to end would you? Trust me, neither do I!

Soloman and I try to get out of being ridden by having a gallop around the field when we see Kate approaching with headcollars, but she doesn’t seem to give up, and we end up tired before we even go for a ride! How’s that fair?

The Colonel has been spending more time shut in the yard, instead of out in the field, as apparently he eats so much otherwise that he could get laminitis! I think it’s great, as I can deliberately munch on my grass right in front of him to wind him up, although Soloman keeps telling me not to be so mean. Hmph.

Hope you all have a good summer holiday, anyone got any exciting pony plans?

See ya next month,

Duggie xx


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