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It’s a tough life, being a celeb!

I'm more paparazzi-ed than Justin Bieber these days!

Its true, you can’t go anywhere as a PONY pony without being recognised by adoring fans – it’s hard being a celeb, but someone’s got to do it, and I suppose it might as well be me!

Team PONY keep visiting me and Solly at the yard recently for PONY mag photoshoots. They always tell me off for looking grumpy, but don’t they know runway models aren’t meant to smile? Soloman loves the attention, mind you. He’s always pricking his ears for the camera and they say he’s much more of a natural than me. So rude! They just don’t understand my brilliance.

Apparently PONY The Annual 2017 will be arriving at PONY HQ soon. Solly and I take a starring role in it, as per usual, so make sure to get your copy and keep an eye out for us! Buy yours now.

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